Five Tips For Cleaning Your Custom Picture Frames

Ordering custom picture frames is a great way to display your art or photos in a unique way while also being able to protect them in the best way possible. Buying cheap frames often leads to poor quality display and protection, which is why investing in custom picture frames is well worth it. Since you are investing in custom picture frames, you want to be sure that you take extra steps to keep them in good condition. Chances are, they will need to be cleaned at some point. Here are five tips to help you do this effectively:

Lightly Dust: Since custom made frames are pretty delicate and have fragile finishes applied to them, it's recommended that you only lightly dust them regularly. This is going to prevent stubborn dust build up and ensure that your frames are kept clean enough to the point where they might not need additional cleaning. If there is stubborn dust, however, you can use a damp cloth to wipe it down. 

Clean the Glass Delicately: If you ever find that the glass needs to be cleaned, you want to be sure that you do so delicately. This means applying an ammonia-free cleaner to a rag and not directly on the glass itself and cleaning in circular motions. If you spray directly on the glass, it can lead to the cleaner getting stuck in the frame, which can potentially cause warping and even destroy the photo or artwork inside. 

Get Professional Help: If the frame, for whatever reason needs a thorough clean because there is stubborn dirt spots, water spots, or stains, you want to get professionals involved. This typically is needed after the piece has been in storage or a space that was not lived in for a while. Typically, the professionals will air blast the inside of the frame in order to remove stubborn dust and dirt. If further cleaning is needed, they will also use delicate cleaners that are made for cleaning glass and fragile frames. 

Don't Use Paper Towels: The reason you should use rags when cleaning the frame and the glass is because everything else, including paper towels are much too abrasive. This can leave scratches and even rub off the finish on the frame. 

When you consider these five tips, cleaning the custom pictures frames in your home is going to be easy and ensure that you do not have to replace them, which can be quite costly. Contact a service, like Washington Framers' Workroom, to get started.