4 Stylish Window Treatments for the Bathroom

Bathroom window treatments have a lot of work to do. They must control light and, especially, your sense of privacy. However, they must be durable enough to withstand the heat and moisture levels of your bathroom. All that, and they should be stylish, too. Discover four stylish window treatments that are ideal for your bathroom.

Plantation Shutters

Plantation shutters are an ideal choice for your bathroom. They affix directly to the window frame. These interior shutters feature wide louvers, so they control privacy while allowing natural light to flow in. You can also choose half-shutters, which only cover the bottom portion of the window, if privacy from above isn't as big a concern. Shutters come in wood and wood-look. For the bathroom, it's better to opt for the wood-look shutters because they resist warping and paint bubbling.

Bamboo or Matchstick Blinds

Bamboo or matchstick blinds are another option that let you maintain your privacy while enjoying the natural light. These are traditional blinds made out of woven wood or bamboo — for the bathroom, it is necessary to choose a set treated with a moisture repellant or treat them yourself. The effort is worth your while, though, because they offer a charmingly organic backdrop that fits in with many décor styles. As Home and Garden TV points out, an added bonus is they let in an attractive diffused light when lowered.

Roman Shades

On the opposite end of the spectrum design wise, you could choose Roman shades for your bathroom windows. Manufacturers offer an almost unlimited choice of color and pattern options. Many homeowners like to choose Roman shades with boldly colored patterns to create a sense of drama. You can even use the pattern as inspiration for your whole bathroom color palette. Roman shades are tailored to your window and fold up like blinds. You have many choices for moisture-resistant fabrics and can even custom-order them.

Cellular Shades

Cellular shades are another shade option, though they tend to be more subtle in color and pattern. Cellular shades have a honeycomb tube between two fabric panels. The purpose of the tube is to trap hot or cold air, which means cellular shades offer good insulation. When you raise them, the cellular shades almost disappear. While it's true they tend to be less bold than Roman shades, you still have a wide variety of color and pattern styles to choose from. Again, ask for a moisture-resistant fabric for your bathroom.

Finish your bathroom in style with attractive window treatments. Representatives from companies like Helga Horner Inc. can offer more design advice for your home's interior.