Design A Home Gym That's As Attractive As It Is Useful

Exercising at home is efficient and even relaxing. For that reason, many homeowners are choosing to include a home gym in their residential designs. Forget about squeezing an exercise bike into a bedroom corner. Instead, devise a home gym that's both attractive and useful.

Find a Space

If you're having a custom home built from scratch, you can simply include a home gym in your floor-plan. However, if you want to incorporate a gym into your existing house, you'll need to find the appropriate space. Home and Garden TV suggests considering the basement. However, an unused den or spare room works well, too.

Choose the Flooring

Flooring for a home gym is often different from the rest of your home. Naturally, in commercial gyms you often see rubber mats on the floor. You can incorporate this idea into your home gym or opt for something that's a little bit more stylish. For example, instead of a rubber mat, you could cover the floor in yoga-style mats or carpeting. That way you still get the cushion without the locker room feel.

Design Attractive Walls

Too often homeowners think there's no need to decorate their home gym. However, you'll enjoy your time exercising more if you design an attractive space. In this case, consider warm, invigorating colors for the walls. These hues can include yellows and even oranges. Indeed, you can get especially creative since the home gym is unlikely to be a space for guests. Likewise, consider hanging inspirational prints on the walls.

Include Mirrors

Watching yourself get a good workout can be a great source of inspiration. To that end, you could incorporate an oversized mirror or a mirror wall into your gym design. The mirror can do double-duty as a décor item if you hang it to reflect light or an attractive part of your room.

Orient Your Workout Area Around Windows

If you have any windows in your gym space, you'll want to make good use of them. Not only do they provide natural light, but they can offer a charming vista for you to look at while you work out. As you place your exercise equipment, orient the pieces so you can catch the view. Likewise, keep window treatments minimal so they don't detract from the view.

Illuminate the Space

It's just as important to illuminate your home gym for safety as it is any other space. That said, your lighting doesn't have to be as harsh as that found at commercial gyms. Instead, consider lighting for effect as you'd find, say, at a yoga studio. You can have recessed lights installed or an overhead fixture on a dimmer. This will make it possible for you to control the light level depending on your gym activity.

Devise a home gym that invites you in with its stylish appeal.