A Guide for Choosing the Right Furniture for Your Living Room

Many people struggle when it comes to picking the right furniture for the living room space they have. Sometimes, they choose furniture that is too big or loud for a smaller room, or they choose something that doesn't go with other furnishings in the room or in the house. Follow this home design guide to help you choose the right furniture for your living room. 

Fit the Space

The first rule of choosing living room furniture is to make sure that the couches and tables your pick fit in the space. If you have a small living room, overstuffed chairs and reclining leather sofas won't work. Instead, choose a couch with a low profile, simple clean lines, and a narrower seat. For chairs, you might choose chairs that have no arms or small arms in order to keep sightlines as open as possible. This way, the furniture won't make your room look and feel crowded. 

On the other hand, if you have a large great room, don't be afraid of a statement piece, such as a large sectional or a full couch set complete with a large ottoman. 

Don't Be Afraid of Pattern

Many people avoid couches that have patterns and bright colors. opting instead for brown, beige, black, or white sofas. However, patterns and colors can be a good thing in a living room design. For example, you might have a light green sofa with a pattern of darker green leaves to brighten up a room that has beige carpet, neutral wall colors, and beige curtains. The ouch itself brings life into the otherwise bland room design in a way that brown or black couch wouldn't. 

Consider Your Other Design Elements

You want your furniture to match the other designs in your home. For example, if you live in a Craftsman-style house built in the early 20th century, you might want mission-style furniture that will complement the woodwork in your home. Modern, eclectic home furnishings might look out of place in a home with a more traditional style. If you are not sure what style your house is, you might have an interior designer take a look and suggest some options for a unifying style throughout. 

Be Aware of Longevity

Finally, you need to consider function. Is your living room a more formal area for greeting guests, or is it more like a family room where kids will play, watch TV, and have fun with friends? Do you have pets that might enjoy lounging on the couch? The material of your couch should match the use you hope to get out of it.